Indian Chef Sets Guinness World Record for Making the Largest Margarine Sculpture

Chef Devwrat Anand Jategaonkar of India’s popular cooking television show, Mejwani Paripoorna Kitchen, has set a Guinness World Record for making the largest margarine sculpture. The beautiful margarine sculpture, portraying the Trimurti of Elephanta, weighed an incredible 3,321.925 pounds. It measured “8 ft 2 in long, 3 ft 8 in wide and 6 ft 1 in tall.”

Devwrat’s attempt was four years in planning and the sculpture took ten whole days to build.

As you can imagine, margarine is not an easy medium to work with and the Guinness World Records rules for this challenge state that the sculpture must not have any internal or external supporting structure. At one point Devwrat’s Trimurti began to crack and almost collapsed, but luckily the expert food sculptor managed to patch it up and achieve the record. (read more)

Largest margarine sculpture Guinness World Records

Largest margarine sculpture Guinness World Records.png

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