Easy to Assemble Wooden Modular Marble Run Sets

Berlin artist Walter Mason, who created and installed one of the longest marble runs in 2011, is back and has created two wooden modular marble run sets, titled the “Boa” and “Anaconda,” that are easy to assemble at home and can be hung anywhere. Walter is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with production costs.

This opportunity to participate in Kickstarter Gold has given me the perfect opportunity to finally realize my dream by making two completely new marble run designs available as kits—the boa and the anaconda.

Both of the new kits will be cut on my CNC machine, and will be produced in Berlin Germany, regardless of how many are sold.

The small boa set consists of over 200 individual wooden parts (the large boa set consists of over 320) each set comes in its own wooden box with steel wire and wire cutters for hanging.


Wooden Modular and Marble Run Sets That Are Easy to Assemble at Home

via The Awesomer

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