Woman Creates An Amazing LEGO Themed Résumé To Make Herself Stand Out To Potential Employers

Lego Leah - Full Resume Set

Leah, a redditor who goes by the name Pastlightspeed, created this wonderfully unique LEGO-themed résumé to ensure she would stand out and above the competition.

I wanted a fun way to stand out to agencies and get my resume out of the trash can — I’ve always loved LEGO and I created this set to highlight my creativity, skills and initiative! It’s something I hope to be able to send out along with a job application.

Leah started out with a Lego miniscale version of herself and then stylistically tailored the application “package” to each agency’s branding and feel. When one agency called for a convincing presentation, Leah created a poster advertising herself.

One agency specifically requested a persuasive advertisement, so I made an 11×17 poster to “advertise” my miniscale me as well as my skills!

At this point it seems that creative employers will be clamoring to hire Leah post haste. Or as one redditor named ThisIsTheNameIHaveToType put it, “You win. Nobody else can apply for the job. You get all the jobs.”

Well done.

Lego Business Suit

Lego Leah 2014 Intern Set

Lego Leah Skills

Lego Leah - New For 2014

images by Pastlightspeed

via reddit, The Daily Dot