Wink 2


Wink version 2 just launched today. Wink is new kind of search engine that is based on user feedback and includes social networking. This latest beta version has a bunch of new features including Collections, Friends, Bookmarks and improved Search.

Back in June, I blogged about my good friend David Beach, who left Yahoo to work for Wink. Well the re-launch of Wink has been his primary focus since he came on-board and today he is the proud father of a brand new Wink.

Wink is the Social Search Engine that uses people’s contributions and feedback – like bookmarking, rating, and organizing links – to make it easier to find and share current, relevant results. Wink 2 is a major upgrade, with several new features and a number of improvements in user experience.

We are trying something really big. We think people can help each other find the best information on the Web, better than machine-based algorithms alone. Sure, the big search engines do a great job in many cases. But we think there’s more to searching the Web – like locating hard to find information and seeing what people have discovered recently. It just takes a few people who take the time to weigh in with their preferences to create a super experience for everyone else.

Congratulations to Michael Tanne, Beach and the Wink crew on a great re-launch.