Will Franken at The Dark Room

Will Franken

Laughing Squid presents Will Franken in two completely different performances at The Dark Room in San Francisco.

On September 23rd Will Franken brings you “Robot Soup”. That’s right–relive Will’s tribute to the late Charles Crumb; become a firefighter for the ineffectual, but articulate Oakland Fire Department; attend a sexual harassment seminar and discover why an outfit consisting only of honey on pubic hair may not be ideal to avoid harassment, and listen to a noted jazz musician describe how the obscure saxophonist Mickey Jones raised the bar when it comes to heroin overdose.

On September 24th, Will gets a bit more political as he reprises his latest show “Things We Did Before Reality”. Find out how many people actually listen to NPR, learn how to paint the spirit of a dog, attend a sales seminar and learn how celebrating diversity can actually increase your profit as a small business owner in the Bay Area, discover the truth in the recent contention that John Kerry is, in fact, The Walrus and we are all John Kerry and therefore we are all the Walrus, and see firsthand the fork found in the belly of one of the victims of The Manson Family! All this and more! Convoluted? You bet!

When: Thursday, September 23rd and Friday, September 24th, 2004

Where: The Dark Room, San Francisco

photo by Joe Reifer