Widespread Panic Bassist Dave Schools, A Collector of Classic Redline Era Hot Wheels and Wacky Packages

Red Baron

Ben Marks of Collectors Weekly recently posted an article about Widespread Panic co-founder and bassist Dave Schools. The article spotlights Dave’s collection of several thousand classic Redline era Hot Wheels cars and every Wacky Packages trading card from the original series. According to Dave, he started building both of the impressive collections as a kid. There are more images of his cars and cards at Collectors Weekly, as well as the full story behind them all.

How’d you get into collecting?

Dave Schools: I was lucky enough to be born in 1964, so I got to be a part of the first wave of the great Hot Wheels, the Redlines. I’ve got pictures from 1970 of my father and uncle setting up my yellow Hot Wheels track on Christmas morning—they seem to be enjoying it more than I was. In elementary school, I did the G.I. Joe thing, the ones with the Kung-Fu Grip, and also got into Wacky Packages. I was turned on to music and vinyl at an early age, too. Once or twice a month, my parents would take me to the Standard drugstore, which stocked the top-40 hits, and allowed me to select a 45. I was a spoiled only child. (read more)

Milk Shot


Wacky Pair 2

images via Collectors Weekly

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