White Christmas, A Whiskey Created From The Spirit of Christmas Ales Past by Anchor Distilling Company

Anchor White Christmas Spirit

Anchor Distilling Company has created White Christmas, a white whiskey distilled from the remainders of the 2012 Christmas Ale.

At the end of the holiday season last year, we found ourselves with remaining stock of 2012 Christmas Ale, so rather than dumping it down the drain, we decided to try distilling it,” says David King, president of Anchor Distilling. “Our distillers are extremely innovative, and we took a simple approach to try and express the Christmas Ale in a distilled spirit. Given the low alcohol percentage of Anchor Christmas Ale, the yields when we distill it are shockingly low. It takes a lot of Christmas Ale to produce White Christmas, and as a result you end up with an incredibly smooth spirit that is distinctive and complex

Supplies are very limited as this is only available within California until after the new year.

Thanks Niall Kennedy!