Welcome Rusty Blazenhoff, New Contributing Editor at Laughing Squid

Please give a big ten tentacle welcome to Rusty Blazenhoff, our new Contributing Editor here on the Laughing Squid blog. I’ve known Rusty for years, going way back in the San Francisco underground art scene when we were both involved with Burning Man and The Cacophony Society.

It’s so great having her on board the squid ship.

And now, I turn you over to Rusty…

— Scott Beale

Howdy Squid-lovin’ readers,

For the time I have been contributing posts to Laughing Squid thus far, I have to say, it’s been a tremendous amount of fun. As requested and to give you some background on how I arrived here, I present this short personal history.

As the former Communications Specialist for the now defunct Bigrig Industries, a satirical organization that issued paper zines, I have long embraced the activities of the San Francisco Bay Area underground events scene. A true prankster at heart, I was also a proud member of the San Francisco Cacophony Society for many years and around that same time I was a graphic designer for Burning Man.

At this amazing moment in time, I own and operate Rusty’s Real Deal, an estate liquidation company serving California’s East Bay area. My life-long passion for all things mysterious and thrifty has led me to pursue this natural calling, and – along with the Real Deal’s sister endeavor, Moxie Deluxe – I continue to dedicate my life to showcasing and celebrating all things beautiful and absurd.

It is truly an honor to post right along side some of the most beautiful and absurd people that I know. My tentacle ‘guns’ are a-blazing and I am really looking forward to showing off the skills I learned in Laughing Squid Blogging Boot Camp.



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Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff