Webzine 2005

Webzine 2005

Ok, I just got the word from Eddie, after a 4 year hiatus, Webzine 2005 is now a reality and will be happen on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco.

This is an amazing event that took place from 1998-2001. Laughing Squid was involved with the organization of the 1999 and 2000 events and we look forward to being a part of Webzine’s triumphant return. What more info? Read the FAQ.

Yes, the rumours are true! After FOUR long years, Webzine will return later this year to San Francisco. We don’t know how we could have gone so long with a Webzine event either. What is Webzine you ask? Webzine is your momma’s cookies, a cup of warm tea, a masturbating monkey, Carl Sagan in the shower, orgasmic, educational, a party, a couple days at the beach, living chinchilla earmuffs, a Habitrail, a snort, 10 hours of sleep, a magical sword, a French kiss, a conference, an expo and celebration of independent publishing on the Internet. It’s an excuse to bring some of the most amazingly brilliant online content creators together under one roof, exposing their secrets so YOU, dear reader, are inspired to create your own. That’s what this is all about. Creativity, ideas and the tools to take you there. Listen, learn and leave inspired.

You’ll be hearing quite a bit from us about Webzine 2005 over the next few months. There are many things to be done as we plan for this event. Here’s a two things that come to mind right away:

1. Do you want to speak or run a workshop at Webzine 2005? Let us know.

2. Spread the word. Post something to your blog about Webzine 2005 and stay tuned to a more formal publicity campaign in the next few weeks. We are trying to get word out early so that out-of-towners will have plenty of time to plan a trip out to San Francisco to join us.