Web 1.0 Summit

Web 1.0 Summit

The big, sold out, $2800 per person Web 2.0 Conference takes place this week, but forget about that. The real web technology event not to be missed is Merlin Mann’s gig, the blink tag worshiping Web 1.0 Summit. Merlin is the snarkalicious “mann” behind 43 Folders, 5ives and other web goodness.

The Web 1.0 Summit happens this Wednesday, October 5th from 7-9pm at the lovely House of Shields in San Francisco.

The previous Web 1.0 Summit took place in Merlin’s garage and wasn’t as well attended as he had orginally expected. Here’s what Merlin is planning for year’s event:

Proposed format for brief, non-primarily-drinking-and-socializing portion of the Conference:

1. You sign up on a sheet to do your presentation

2. I hold and manage a timer (duh)

3. You have 2.0 minutes to make a case for your 1.0 technology or squirrely business model

4. Whenever you say “monetize,” “font face,” or any of a variety of secret 1998 words, everyone drinks

5. Repeat until a) 20 minutes, b) we get bored, or c) every person in the room completes a first round of funding

UPDATE: ok, my photos of this paradigm shifting event are now online

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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