We Will Miss You: Felicity Perez (1972-2008)

Felicity Perez

The San Francisco underground arts world lost a cherished member of its family last week.

Felicity Perez was a wonderful, dedicated, beautiful performer who graced numerous stages in this city and around the country. She co-founded the burlesque dance troupe The Cantankerous Lollies (dating back to 1995). She performed in the Opera at Burning Man in 1998. With her longtime partner and husband Molotov Malcontent she performed classic sideshow tricks like knife-throwing, fire-eating and walking on glass for crowds large and small; together they followed their dream to go on the national circuit, touring with the legendary Ward Hall “King of the Sideshow”.

Felicity died as the result of a shooting accident when a rifle that a friend was loading in order to teach her how to shoot discharged unexpectedly and uncontrollably. She was shot in the stomach and passed away quickly in the arms of her husband Molotov. This tragedy touches everyone who knew this shining vivacious performer and loving friend. We miss our dear friend and grieve also for her beloved Molotov for the shock and unimaginable loss he must feel.

Felicity was a dedicated performer always working to add to her repertoire. She was committed to the arts she practiced and a valued member of the communities of Sideshow and Burlesque performers. She and Molotov will always be a part of the extended family of the San Francisco and Burning Man arts community.

She was loved, cherished and admired by all of her friends. She performed for literally thousands of people around the country. Amazing, amusing and delighting every one of them.

All of us who knew her are remembering her now. She was a bright light and she continues to glow within so many minds and hearts right now.

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Felicity Perez

Felicity Perez

UPDATE: A memorial for Felicity will be held at Chicken John’s warehouse in San Francisco (3359 Cesar Chavez) on Thursday, June 5th starting at 6pm.

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