We Live in Public’s Josh Harris Wants To Run the MIT Media Lab

Josh Harris

Web pioneer Josh Harris, subject of the 2009 documentary We Live in Public, is back after 10 years and his new plan is to run the MIT Media Lab. He laid out his “Singularities Effect” stump speech as a guest post on Wired Underwire.

The mission milestones of the MIT Media Lab would include:

• Create a state-of-the-future singularities effect manufacturing facility called The Wired City.

• Build a Singularities Operations Center — a trusted monitoring station for the current and future (human?) race.

• Develop a concomitant MIT Media Lab Singularities Studies academic discipline and curriculum.

• Launch corporate and entrepreneurial enterprises within and beyond the Media Lab.

Capital New York wrote about Josh in November and last summer TechCrunch profiled his Wired City project.

photo by Anthony San Francisco