New Guinness World Record for Walking 234 Feet While Balancing a Powered Lawn Mower on Chin

Farthest distance walked balancing a lawnmower on the chin (powered)

Prolific world record breaker, Ashrita Furman, has just set a new Guinness World Record for the farthest distance walked balancing a lawn mower on the chin (powered).

Walking a distance of 71.50 m (234ft 6.96 in) in Jamaica, New York, USA, Ashrita beat his previous record by more than 50 m with the lawnmower, placed handle down, plugged into a generator being pushed behind him.

At no point during the 2 min 13 sec walk did Ashrita’s hands or arms touch the 7.5 kg lawnmower as he used his balance alone to keep it perfectly weighted on his chin.