Volunteers Helped Clean Up San Francisco Pillow Fight To Aid Charity

Two volunteers staying out in the rain to clean up for hours

The 2011 San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight was $12,000 less costly for the city to clean up this year, thanks to lower turnout and the volunteers of Pillows for Puppies. NYC PFP organizer Jennifer Small recruited 30 volunteers who filled 150 trash bags with fluff and feathers, while collecting 200 pillows as donations for the Sisters of Mercy.

Past San Francisco pillow fights have provoked the ire of the City of San Francisco, the United Nations, and our own Burstein! due to their messy and costly nature. According to Small, city workers and police were pleased to see the volunteers helping out. Perhaps this combination of volunteerism by participants and tolerance by the city will allow the pillow fight to continue in future years.

photo by Jennifer Small

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