ViewSource, A Daily Email That Offers One Video Clip With a Description

View Source

View Source is a “daily email newsletter that contains just one video clip and a short description” created and just launched by Rex Sorgatz. You can sign up at the ViewSource site to receive these interesting weekday emails. Take a look at what ViewSource has covered so far.

ViewSource was borne out of frustration.

We all know the internet is packed with interesting, cool, provocative, entertaining, smart video — but finding it sucks. You can’t find it in a search engine, because you don’t know what to search for. Maybe you tried the YouTube Most Popular list, but now you’re blind because you stabbed out your eyeballs. You probably discover most video via friends on Facebook and Twitter, but that always leaves you thinking, What am I missing outside my friend network? There must be more than this, right?

We believe there is. This site is an experiment to prove it…

via Rex Sorgatz

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff