Video Game Controllers Repurposed as Useful Desk Organizers

Nintendo 64 Controller Desk Mate

Nintendo 64 Controller Desk-Mate

Ogden, Utah-based Graeme Abraham, owner of the Etsy store GreenCüb, has repurposed a collection of recognizable video game controllers as useful desk organizers (Nintendo 64, GameCube, Xbox 360 and PlayStation). Each controller comes equipped with a three foot gold-plated USB extension, action buttons or joysticks replaced with pen slots and a magnetic paperclip holder. They are all available to purchase online.

Nintendo 64 Controller Desk Mate

GameCube Controller Desk Mate

GameCube Controller Desk-Mate

Xbox 360 Controller Desk Mate

Xbox 360 Controller Desk-Mate

PlayStation Controller Desk Mate

PlayStation Controller Desk-Mate

images via GreenCüb

via The Gadget Flow

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