Unwinnable Weekly, A Weird and Experimental Magazine Exploring Video Games and Culture

Unwinnable Weekly is a weekly digital magazine featuring pop-culture criticism and creative non-fiction exploring video games and culture from Unwinnable website founder Stu Horvath, senior editor Steve Haske, managing editor Owen R. Smith, and majordomo Aileen Viray. The team is currently running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to make the digital magazine a reality, and an example Issue Zero is available for free to get a taste of what they’re offering.

Since 2010, Unwinnable has been a showcase for weird, experimental, poignant, funny and iconoclastic stories. We’re devoted to examining the intersection of the culture we love and the lives we lead. Now, in 2014, we want to wow you with a weird, experimental, poignant, funny, iconoclastic digital magazine.