Unique Handcrafted Lollipops With Lovely Edible Flowers Embedded Inside

Confectioner Janet Best of Sugar Bakers Bakery in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is an absolute artist when it comes to edible flowers. Using a minimal amount of ingredients, Best creates uniquely beautiful lollipops with these flowers embedded inside. Best is currently selling the lollies and other confections on Etsy and is very happy to do custom work.

Would you prefer liquor candy, something gift wrapped, maybe some candied roses,or edible flowers? You know, I now make candy rimmed glasses, mugs, cups,or champagne flute for your special occasion. …I work hard to try make everyone happy and love the work I’m doing —making edible favors for all of your events, corporate gift baskets,lots of cake decorations in the form of hard candy (you’ll find most unique),paleo snacks, ( meaning pure healthy organic ingredients gluten free and most vegan) then there are dozens of handmade chocolates and baked goods.

Crystallized roses and violets for topping cakes, cupcakes and/or presents.

via Souper Awesome, My Modern Met