A Giant Rideable Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Bike

Giant Rideable T-Rex Art Bike

A talented engineer and bicycle fabricator in Portland, Oregon has created a giant rideable Tyrannosaurus rex-shaped dinosaur bike, which he has named Sue.

– Head is a marionette that turns side to side and opens her jaw; controlled by wire from handlebars
– Arms are attached to pedals and can be controlled in combination with head to create believable performances (Sue can answer questions, wave at audience, snap her jaws in excitement, disgust, hunger, etc.)

– Sue requires frequent touch-ups to her paint and foam. There are always bits of the sculpture rubbing against one another because she is a moving, kinetic, sculpture. I will include a bucket of textured paint with her.
– Sue has handling quirks because of the geometry tricks and illusions I had to pull to make a vehicle that seemed to have the proportions of a real dinosaur. She is not a daily-driver dinosaur but is perfect for parades or the playa. She has good brakes and is stable enough if you know her limits. I’d be happy to offer dino riding lessons to prospective buyers. Please don’t call just for joy-rides…

Giant Rideable T-Rex Art Bike Giant Rideable T-Rex Art Bike

Giant Rideable T-Rex Art BikeGiant Rideable T-Rex Art Bike

Giant Rideable T-Rex Art Bike

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