Transform Your Photos With The WayCooler App By Alex Pardee

WayCooler iPhone iPad App by Alex Pardee

California based artist Alex Pardee, along with Franky Aguilar (creator of CATWANG), teamed up to create an iPhone & iPad app known as WayCooler. The app allows you to take a regular photo, or blank canvas, and literally transform it to look way cooler. You do so by choosing from a collection of awesome Alex Pardee illustrated parts (Eyes, mouths, tentacles and more) that can then be scaled, colored and flipped to fit within your image. When you are done, you can share your work on numerous social networks. The WayCooler app is available to download for free at iTunes.

Ever see one of your friends’ cool faces, or one of your friends cool tattoos, or even a lonely squirrel riding on the back of a bird and think “Man, that’s a cool squirrel, but it would be WAYCOOLER if it had tentacles and sharp teeth?” Well, now you can FINALLY make that squirrel, or your friends’ cool tattoos WayCooler with a few simple taps on your phone. It’s like magic, but with drawings and fingers instead of unpronounceable words and newt-eyes.

Every one of the assets allows you to easily change colors, rotate, scale, move it behind another one, copy it a thousand times, flip it, and basically challenge your brain to use it for something way cooler than what it was intended for!

WayCooler App Screens

Here are a few samples showing off how your photos can potentially turn out. We even included a couple personal creations.

WayCooler Samples

WayCooler Image by Justin

WayCooler iPhone & iPad App