Tournée Wins Best Director at Cannes

Congratulations to Kitten on the Keys and the cast of Tournée (in English: On Tour) for their director (and male lead) Mathieu Amalric winning Best Director honors at the Cannes Film Festival.

There’s a great video interview with Mathieu and all the leads (including Kitten on the Keys) on the official Cannes site. A couple weeks back, Josh posted here in the run-up to the film debuting at Cannes.

Kitten on the Keys is a great San Francisco musician and burlesque performer who is also a longtime friend of Laughing Squid. Of course there has been a ton of press around this, so you can find images of Kitten and the other actors on the Cannes stage for the awards. And of course on the red carpet.

Check Tournée‘s page on the festival website for a bunch of other great (unembeddable) videos including a short of the cast on the red carpet set to a Sonics tune and a big press conference with the cast.