Tom Scott Meets a Humanoid Robot Double Made of Himself That Does Advertisements in His Place

The ever-inquisitive Tom Scott visited Engineered Arts in Falmouth, Cornwall to meet a robotic version of himself. Scott had heard of their work with robots and wanted to find out more about it.

With many thanks to all the team at Engineered Arts who worked on this. To be clear, this is not sponsored by them, I paid money for the Mesmer robot — or at least, for the silicone mask and 3D printed skull that were put together for just one day

Tom Scott Robot

This Tom Scott robot was developed from a scan that was taken at an earlier date. After meeting his humanoid double, Scott put it to work with a VPN advertisement.

I haven’t been able to do VPN advertising for a long time. Well, this one time, I don’t have to: because the robot double’s going to do it for me.

Tom Scott Robot VPN Advert
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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