Tom Clancy’s The Division, An Online Open World Third-Person Shooter About Societal Collapse

At E3 2013, Ubisoft unveiled a trailer and gameplay demo for Tom Clancy’s The Division, an online, open world third-person shooter RPG that will be launched on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players will fight as members of the Division to prevent the fall of society after a deadly pandemic devastates New York City.

A devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, The Division agents are trained to operate independently of command, as all else fails.

Fighting to prevent the fall of society, the agents will find themselves caught up in an epic conspiracy, forced to combat not only the effects of a manmade virus, but also the rising threat of those behind it. When everything collapses, your mission begins.