Toilet-Filled Magic Restroom Cafe Opens in Southern California

Magic Restroom Cafe

Eater LA is reporting that a new unusually themed restaurant has just opened in Los Angeles County’s City of Industry. Inspired by Taipei’s quirky but very popular Modern Toilet restaurant, the Magic Restroom Cafe is an eating establishment that allows patrons to sit on (non-functioning) toilets to eat a variety of Taiwanese-style dishes named after poopy things. Eater LA also reports that a lot of the food (which has gross names like “‘black poop’ (chocolate sundae), ‘smells-like-poop’ (braised pork over rice), ‘constipation’ (zha jiang mian),” and “‘bloody number two’ (vanilla-strawberry sundae)”) is served in little ceramic toilet bowls. This gimmicky restaurant is owned by YoYo Li and it’s her first restaurant venture. More photos of the Magic Restroom Cafe can be found at Eater LA.

If diarrhea-looking food swimming in a toilet bowl still doesn’t offend, understand the dish is named signature “golden poop” rice. Order correctly (chicken wings, Taiwanese sausage, fried tofu), and the food arrives in a miniature floor commode which was the stuff of nightmares for Western backpackers in Asia in the past.

photo by Elizabeth Daniels via Eater LA

via Eater LA