Titli’s Busy Kitchen – Cooking Secrets For The Rest of Us

So, my dirty little secret is that I love Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare’s (this from a TV infidel.)

I don’t like them for the cooking parts. While my wife is a brilliant cook, I’m just a geeky programmer who will eat pretty much anything put in front of me.  I like Gordon’s shows because he gets to yell at stupid people.  I just love seeing stupid people getting yelled at for missing the blatantly obvious.

But now there’s a cooking show for a guy like me, who might need to feed either himself or his dinner guests when his Amazing Wife™ isn’t around to cook.  Titli Nihaan produces the fine show, “Titli’s Busy Kitchen”. She even uses the kinds of tools that I’m familiar with, unlike the tools that my Amazing Wife™ uses when cooking, such as 20 different kinds of knives (why she thinks that my leatherman isn’t good enough for all kitchen cutting is beyond me.)

Here’s a couple more good episodes…

Chocolate Mousse:


via Neatorama