Tiny Hands, A Creepy and Hilarious Set of Small Plastic Human Hands


Tiny Hands by Vat19 are a creepy and hilarious set of small plastic human hands. The prankster in possession of the Tiny Hands can mess with friends by “popping on a long sleeve shirt and gripping the ball handles” for plenty of laughs. They are available to purchase online.

There isn’t anything particularly funny about a person’s hands. Unless, of course, they’re about five times too small for their body.

The set includes one right and one left miniature mitt so you can make a silly salute, give a hilarious high-five, and maybe even pop some bubbles on the Lawrence Welk show.

Just pop on a long sleeve shirt and grip the ball handles with the hands your mama gave you to make the switcheroo. Now it’s time to find a partner and play a ridiculous game of pattycake.



images via Vat19