Three Ferrets Gleefully Enjoy Their Play Time By Running Around in the Living Room

Three adorable ferrets, Teunje, Yuki and Spike, gleefully enjoy their play time in the living room with their tunnels, toys and a special remote-controlled car to chase. Their human explains about each ferret.

The small one (Teuntje) is 2 pounds (900 grams) and 3 years old, so he doesn’t grow anymore. The “fat” ferret (Spike) is 4 pounds and he’s 4 years old. They are all male ferrets (hobs). Yuki (the albino) is just over 1 years old and he lost some weight after the hormone implant (instead of neutering) but he’s around 1300 grams (close to 3 pound) right now and still gaining weight.

via Tastefully Offensive