Thoughtful Music Therapist Crafts Beautiful Original Songs From the Heartbeats of Terminally Ill Children

Brian Schreck MA, MT-BC, an incredibly thoughtful and talented music therapist at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio, takes the individual heartbeat rhythms of the terminally ill juvenile patients in his care and incorporates them into original songs written specifically for the child and his/her family. In an interview with People, a very modest Schreck said that these songs help parents connect with their children and cope with their loss.

The heartbeat is a symbol of love. Creating these songs helps parents to remember their children, it’s an act of therapy. It’s a lovely way to connect with lost ones. This intervention is a coping mechanism and a way for parents to remember their kids when they’re gone. It’s an honor to work with these patients on their journey. I’m really just trying to use anything I can creatively come up with to impact families positively during their hardest days.

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Brian Schreck

images via Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC

via People

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