This Little Piggy Went to the Home Depot After a Big Bad Wind Blew His Fence Down


A lost little piggy named Hamlet took himself over to the Home Depot in Portage, Michigan after a big bad 60 mph wind blew down the fence that was keeping him safe. Needless to say, the porcine visitor took both employees and customers by surprise but employee and animal lover Amanda James fed dog biscuits to Hamlet before posting his likeness onto the wonderful Kalamazoo Area Lost Pets Facebook page. While Hamlet received many offers of a new home, Rachael Fairbotham, his rightful human, got in touch and were reunited. James spoke about the incident in an interview with WMMT.

We looked out the side door and there was a pig on the hill. He’s super friendly, he’s very sweet, doesn’t make too much noise, believe it or not ….my first thought, was ‘this has got to be someone’s pet.’ If it were my animal missing, I would want them to do the same thing.


via WMMT, Circa