This Exquisite Forest, An Online Collaborative Animation Project

This Exquisite Forest is a online art project that lets the public build collaborative animations on a specific theme (video). Anyone can start a theme, or “tree,” with a short animation and written guidelines. Others can then build on the theme by adding their own short animation. These additions can expand on an existing storyline or branch off into a new one. The result is a collaborative animation with a branching, tree-like structure—viewers can watch different “branches” or versions of the animation using the project site’s interactive interface (Chrome browser required). For an example, see the tree “Looking Up/Looking Down.” This Exquisite Forest was created by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin in collaboration with Google and the Tate Modern in London. An installation of the project is currently on display at the Tate Modern for approximately the next five months.

This Exquisite Forest

submitted by Meghan Chiampa