The Wall, A Kinetic Sculpture Project To Benefit Todd Blair

The Wall

Last September our friend and Survival Research Labs crew member Todd Blair was severely injured following the SRL Robodock show in Amsterdam. Todd suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and his recovery time is going to be long and unpredictable. To help the financial burden of his recovery, SRL is organizing The Wall project, featuring a kinetic sculpture comprised of 25 gears, each individually decorated by a different artist, a metaphor for Todd’s unique ability to connect people and communities.

SRL is currently looking for participants for The Wall. A total of 25 gears will be created, with the goal of raising $500 per gear.

The completed version of The Wall with all of the gears will be unveiled at a special event from 3-9pm on July 20th at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.

This tangible symbol of our support for Todd’s recovery is inspired by his creativity and brilliance at creating magic as a connector between artists and communities. Together our challenge is to reach out to our extended communities and raise $20,000 for Todd’s care and rehabilitation. Once you commit to modifying a gear, you can share Todd’s story and start to raise money. We will help you meet and exceed the fundraising goal of $500 per gear. The unveiling of The Wall will be at the closing party of the robot art show at Rhythmix on 7/20/2008!

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