The Vinyl Frontier, A Documentary About Vinyl Toys Is Now Available

The Vinyl Frontier, a 83-minute feature film directed by Daniel Zana about the cult world of vinyl toy designers and their obsessive collectors, has been released and can now be purchased on DVD from their website. The DVD contains a selection of special features catering to their fanbase including a toy-making segment with vinyl toy artist Sucklord.

The Vinyl Frontier is a documentary film exploring the world of vinyl toys. Featuring some of today’s top designers, collectors and toy producers including: Attaboy, Tim Biskup, Luke Chueh, Dalek, Tristan Eaton, Ron English, Huck Gee, Thomas Han, Jim Koch, Frank Kozik, Haze XXL, Joe Ledbetter, MCA, Ferg, Van Beater, Brian McCarty, Dave Bondi, Bill McMullen, Tara Mcpherson, Gary Baseman, Sket One, Joey Potts, Jermaine Rogers, Bwana Spoons,
and many many more..

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