The Scorchers, A New Add-On for the Video Game Rage

RAGE: The Scorchers

Video game companies Bethesda Softworks and id Software have released Rage: The Scorchers DLC for the Xbox 360 console and PC. A Playstation 3 release is coming soon.

In this brand-new adventure spanning six all-new areas, you will fight alongside new allies to defend the Hager Settlement from a maniacal bandit clan known as The Scorchers. Along the way, you’ll participate in a new season of Mutant Bash TV, encounter new mini-games, & wield the overpowering & brutal nailgun.

In addition to the new content, this DLC includes ‘Ultra-Nightmare’, a new high difficulty mode, as well as an ‘Extended Play’ option that allows you to play past the original ending of the game – giving you the opportunity to finish collecting items & achievements.

RAGE: The Scorchers

images via Bethesda Blog