The Return of Ask Dr. Hal

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photo by Scott Beale

From the metaphoric ashes of The Odeon Bar, The Ask Dr. Hal Show has risen again to see another day. Ask Dr. Hal is back for a limited run at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. The first show is tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5th and it will take place again every Wednesday of October and November, with the last show on November 30th. They even have a spiffy new website for this latest incarnation of the show:

The award-winning Ask Dr. Hal show is an interactive intellectual salon in which you, the audience, have the opportunity to consult the omniscient and oracular Dr. Hal Robins on life’s eternal questions and trivial minutiae. The show is set to the frenetic soundscapes of the SF Weekly’s Best Audio and Visual Collagist of 2005, KROB, and the pertinent visual puns of Yo-Yo King David Capurro. All orchestrated and moderated from on high by surly showman Chicken John, former proprietor of San Francisco’s infamous Odeon Bar.

The whole gang is back for this one including, of course, Hal Robins himself, host Chicken John, bizarre music/movie man KROB, internet jocky David Capurro, tech master Jascha Ephraim and ex-doorman Phoenix. Not familiar with Ask Dr. Hal? Here’s how it works.

Here are my photos from the final Ask Dr. Hal at The Odeon which took place on May 18th.

UPDATE: Here are my photos from the 10/12/05 show.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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