The Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit Teaches Electronics and Engineering While Playing Minecraft

Piper Raspberry Pi Kit and Packaging

The Piper Raspberry Pi computer kit teaches children or adults the basics of electronics and engineering while playing Minecraft. The kit includes a Raspberry Pi 2 project board and a variety of components that the user unlocks in the game like buttons buzzers, and more. The more the user plays and unlocks components in the game, the more they develop their real-world project and skills.

Learning electronics and engineering doesn’t need to be dryer than the Mojave. This inventive kit combines the engineering of a working computer with the wonderful world of Minecraft. You’ll cruise through each level, while connecting different pieces of hardware to the Raspberry Pi. There’s no age where Piper Kit wouldn’t be the absolute coolest way to learn super useful skills.

Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit Assembled

Kids Using Piper Raspberry Pi Kit

Piper Raspberry Pi Kit Pieces