The OpenROV Trident, A Fast and Fun Underwater Drone

Trident OpenROV Features

The OpenROV Trident is a fast and fun underwater drone currently being funded on Kickstarter. The Trident is the latest underwater drone model from OpenROV, which has released several other open source and open hardware underwater drone designs in the past that make use of the BeagleBone Black platform.

The Trident design features an HD camera, onboard lights, a top speed of two meters per second, a run time of three hours, and can be connected with up a 100 meter tether. That combines for what the developers say is a fun piloting experience that can give hobbyists and explorers a new look at the world below the water’s surface.

Trident Underwater Drone With Lights

Trident Moving In Water

Trident - In Water

Trident Underwater Drown

Trident Under Kelp Close

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