The Mysterious Paper Sculptures of Edinburgh

Mysterious paper sculptures

From March to November of 2012, an anonymous artist covertly installed incredibly intricate miniature papercraft sculptures in museums, libraries, and other educational centers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Crafted mainly from books, the ten sculptures were accompanied by notes expressing support for educational institutions, literature, art, and ideas. From the note accompanying the first sculpture:

We know that a library is so much more than a building full of books… a book is so much more than pages full of words.… This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas….. a gesture (poetic maybe?)

The artist has not come forward, though in a farewell note, she identified herself as a woman and an artist or artisan, and she announced the project had ended and she would remain anonymous.

Scottish photographer Chris Scott has documented the sculptures in photos and this comprehensive post on the Scottish art site Central Station.

Paper sculptures - 9 of 10 Paper sculptures - 9 of 10 Mysterious paper sculptures Mysterious paper sculptures Paper sculptures - 8 of 10

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