The Monster Project, Kids Draw Monsters and Then Artists Recreate Them in Their Own Styles

The Monster Project is an awesome collaboration among skilled artist from around the world who recreate drawings, created by elementary school students, in their own styles to help teach the kids about the importance of creativity and imagination. The massive team behind the project are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help expand to other schools, create an activity book, make professional prints for the kids, start an online, and more. The entire collection of drawings and artist remakes are available to view in the Monster Gallery.

With a decreasing emphasis on arts in schools, many children don’t have the opportunity for creative exploration they deserve. That’s a monstrous trend we would like to destroy. As artists ourselves, we understand how important that initial creative exposure is and how it can truly alter the shape of a child’s future.

By collaborating with the students and finding inspiration from their imaginings, we hope to help them recognize the value of their ideas and make them feel excited about the potential of their own minds. Creativity comes in many forms, and we hope to encourage their exploration of their own unique perceptions of the world we share. And, while we’re at it, we want to introduce to them the notion of art as a legitimate career path.

We have to admit, this isn’t just for the kids. What a refreshing opportunity it is to be offered a glimpse into someone else’s head – especially the fantastically bizarre, unobstructed thoughts of a child. It’s an amazing opportunity.

Art by Down the Street Designs

Artwork by Down the Street Designs

Art by Patrick Evrard
Artwork by Patrick Evrard

Art by Gianluca Maruotti
Artwork by Gianluca Maruotti

Art by Marija Tiurina
Artwork by Marija Tiurina

Art by Jean Pierre Le Roux
Artwork by Jean Pierre Le Roux

The Monster Project

images via The Monster Project

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