The Long Now Foundation Public Space Opening

The Long Now Foundation

The Long Now Foundation, now celebrating their 10th year, is opening the doors to their new public space at Fort Mason Center this Friday, June 2nd from 10am to 5pm. Here’s the announcement that our friend and Long Now staff member Simone sent us:

The Long Now Foundation is proud to announce the opening of our new public space and offices in Fort Mason Center.

We will have prototypes of the 10,000 Year Clock Project, and Rosetta Project on display, as well as a retail space with items of Long Now interest available to the public starting Friday, June 2nd.

Stop by to peruse our works in progress, get information about The Long Now Foundation, visit our Long Now Library, and discuss projects past, present and future with other interesting people.

We open at 10am and close at 5pm, admission is free.

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to develop the Clock and Library projects, as well as to become the seed of a very long term cultural institution. The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today’s “faster/cheaper” mind set and promote “slower/better” thinking. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.

The term was coined by one of our founding board members, Brian Eno. When Brian first moved to New York City and found that in New York here and now meant this room and this five minutes, as opposed to the larger here and longer now that he wa s used to in England. We have since adopted the term as the title of our foundation as we are trying to stretch out what people consider as now.

For more information, see

* The Long Now Foundation uses five digit dates, the extra zero is to solve the deca-millennium bug which will come into effect in about 8,000 years.

The Long Now Foundation
Fort Mason Center, Building A
San Francisco
415 561 6582