The Legendary Life-Size Mousetrap Madness FUNdraiser

Life Size Mouse Trap

This Sunday, February 10th there will be a special fundraiser for the Life-Size Mousetrap at Amnesia in San Francisco (the mousetrap itself will not be there, but the crew will). Proceeds will be used to help repair and maintain mousetrap, keeping it in optimal working order so it can continue to amaze people around the country.

The legendary Life-Size Mousetrap Madness FUNdraiser
Sunday, February 10th
Amnesia, 853 Valencia St @ 20th, San Francisco
(415) 970-0012
$10 donation, doors at 9pm

You’ve seen it featured at the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo and Austin, marveled at its complicated beauty at Ace Drunkyard and the Haunted Barn in San Francisco, and stared at it for hours (high on mushrooms probably) out at the Burning Man festival in Nevada … but you never knew just how much elbow grease and chump change it takes the LIFE-SIZE MOUSETRAP’s cranky clown-gineers to keep the cockamamie contraption in peak condition.

After four years of getting tossed around in the back of a semi trailer, the Life-Sized version of the classic Rube Goldberg-esque children’s board game has come home to San Francisco, and it?s badly in need of some maintenance. Gears must be re-geared, paint jobs must be re-painted; tours must be embarked upon; sexy mice must be kept safe from the evil cat … and that enormous pumpkin / pile of bicycles / birthday cake / junked car isn’t going to smash itself, so the handmade crane needs to be shored up to make sure the two-ton safe can still do it … uh, safely.

So! Mousetrap honcho MARK PEREZ and his madcap crew of clown-gineers invite you to share a special night of entertainment in the name of raising a few dollars. Though the ritzy red venue called AMNESIA on Valencia street proves way too tiny to host the Mousetrap’s full square footage — we said the sculpture travels in a tractor-trailer container, didn’t we? — you too can be a patron of the arts by dancin’ to the music and knockin’ a few back at Amnesia.

Musical guests SEAN LEE, the ONE MAN BANJO, and ESMERELDA STRANGE (in a special appeariance from Austin, TX) will hold the crowd hostage with their quaintly zany compositions. Shakey-shakey burlesque dancers SISTER KATE get German with it. Emcee DAVID APOCALYPSE — the seasoned sideshow king whose last two injuries resulted from an upside-down straitjacket malfunction and a failed Cirkus Redickuless human-cannon-firing mishap, respectively — will wrangle the throngs, carny-style, and astound all comers with his Oddity Museum.

There will be limited-edition Mousetrap Merchandise for sale, local writer DilettanteSF moonlights as a singing “bathing beauty,” perched fifteen feet in the air outside Amnesia in a claw-foot bathtub … and of course, as always, the sexy dancing mice will let you squeeze the cheese.

Life-Size Mousetrap Madness FUNdraiser
with Sean Lee, One Man Banjo, Esmerelda Strange, Sister Kate, DilettanteSF, and MC David Apocalypse
Sunday Feburary 10th
Amnesia, 853 Valencia St @ 20th St., San Francisco
(look for the tub up in the air outside. No really, a claw-foot tub 15 feet in the air)
$10 donation, doors at 9pm.
Photos available upon request; email

photo by Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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