The Launch Party to End All Launch Parties


Those snarkbots are hosting “The Launch Party to End All Launch Parties” on Thursday, November 10th in celebration of the one month (minus 1 day) anniversary of their blog launch. This once in a lifetime event takes place at Annie’s Cocktail Lounge in San Francisco. More info on

So, clear your calendars, make your plane and hotel reservations, and get ready to party like its 1999. There will be schmoozing. There will be beautiful people. But, there will be NO demoing of your products! (who do you think we are? TechCrunch?!) We’ll being doing all the monetizing, thank you very much.

Oh, and there won’t be an open bar, because this is Web 2.0- we’re lean and mean, ya know? Please come help us pretend we have a business plan or at least a future.

The blog is the Flickr of sarcastic geek blogs.

photo by Scott Beale