The KFC Tray Typer, Paper-Thin Bluetooth Keyboards Meant to Keep Smartphones Clean While Diners Eat

KFC Tray Typer

The KFC Tray Typer is a paper-thin Bluetooth keyboard created as a promotional item for new KFC locations in Germany. The keyboard is intended to let diners type on their smartphones without getting grease and crumbs from their meal on their devices.

According to Serviceplan, the advertising company behind the promotion, the Tray Typers were so popular during the period they were being handed out that every one of the devices was taken home by customers.

In 2014, KFC Japan created a similarly keyboard-themed promotion with a specially designed fried chicken keyboard and mouse.

KFC Tray Typer 4

KFC Tray Typer 3

KFC Tray Typer 2

photos via The Verge

via The Verge