‘The Jump’, A Short Documentary About the Birth of Modern Bungee Jumping

“The Jump” is a short documentary by New Zealand production company Loading Docs featuring a profile of Chris Sigglekow, who helped pioneer and popularize modern bungee jumping in the 1980s along with fellow Kiwi A.J. Hackett. According to Sigglekow, the early days of the sport were a harrowing period of trial and error.

We had this old potato sack, and I filled it up with rocks and dropped it over the side. It hit the water, split, dropping all the stones. And I thought, “If we’re going to do one more test, it’s going to be me.” And I hit the water, “bang!” And all of the sudden, I’m out of the water again! And I thought to myself, “it works!”

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips