The Human Marvels, A Wonderful Blog Featuring The Stories of Peculiar People

The Human Marvels

The Human Marvels is a wonderful blog featuring the stories behind truly unique individuals like Sandwina – The Woman of Steel, Angus Macaskill – The Cape Breton Giant, Eli Bowen – The Legless Acrobat, and Lord Minimus (a.k.a. Jeffery Hudson). Beyond the inherently interesting nature of the featured individuals, the blog is remarkable for the humanity and tone of the writing by J. Tithonus Pednaud.

This virtual repository of biographical information stands as a testament and tribute to the remarkable lives of those prodigious human beings featured herein.

You are not witnessing exploitation.

Indeed, the majority of these peerless people chose to display their god-given assets in an effort to better their lives. In fact exploitation was a rather rare thing in the history of human exhibition. When it did occur, it was no doubt tragic, but even then these very special individuals carried themselves with a dignity that few average people could muster.