The Gregory Brothers Show ‘How to Use a Public Restroom’ in a Quirky Musical Skit

Who designed these stall doors & why is there a crack? He saw me with my pants down & I can never take it back.

How to Use a Public Restroom” is a quirky new musical skit by The Gregory Brothers about a man who has an awkward experience while using a public toilet. While he gets situated in the restroom, the man is visited by odd fellow named Blason who peeks through a crack in the stall door and a business woman working on her laptop. The level of weirdness is taken up another few notches after all three of them become friends and start singing and whistling together. The video stars Stephon LaMar, Andrew Gregory, and Sarah Gregory.

You think you know how but you don’t. Finally you will.

How to Use a Public Restroom

video via schmoyoho