The Grand Jellyfish Chandeliers and Other Aquatic Light Sculptures of the 2015 Vivid Sydney Lights Festival


Vivid Sydney, an annual spectacular of lights and music, recently released photos from a sneak peak into the festival, including the wonderfully grand “Jellyfish Chandeliers” created by Ample Projects at the Chatswood Mall. Also adding to the wonderful underwater theme are beautiful cuttlefish lights that change colors and a projection of a school of fish onto the floor.

Stepping off the train at Chatswood Interchange, you’ll enter an evocative underwater fantasy with floating water creatures and pulsing colours. From here, Chatswood Mall becomes an immersive, light-filled ‘river’ where glowing creatures are brought to life with lighting (by 32 Hundred Lighting), and projections. LED technology will create cascading waves of colour before an animated aquarium appears in front of you. Further along, at The Concourse – Chatswood’s cultural centre – an environmental fantasy titled The Nautilus and the Sea (by Ample Projects and TDC)reveals itself across the sails of the building.

The event takes place May 22 through June 8, 2015 with different light projects and events taking place all over Sydney.

Jellyfish Lights Overhead Jellyfish

Cuttlefish Light

Cuttlefish Lights

The Nautilus and the Sea


images via Vivid Sydney

via My Modern Met