The GoPlate, A Snack Plate That Wraps Around Your Beer

GoPlate Bottle

The GoPlate is described as the “answer to mobile socializing” and is seems to be one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you saw it existed. It’s a reusable snack plate made of BPA free plastic designed to wrap around a beer bottle (or really any kind of beverage vessel, like a wine glass or soda can), so you can hold your food and drink in one hand. It does come with a warning though, which should be heeded: “Always remove beverage before drinking.” The GoPlate is available in several colors and available to purchase online.

Hold your plate and drink in one hand easily, then eat, greet, and cheer with the other hand. They’re perfect for tailgating, picnics, outdoor concerts, street fairs and more. The Go Plate has a specially engineered center cone that accommodates glass bottles and aluminum cans, resting comfortably and snugly around them, and it has a specially designed ridge that can also accommodate standard 16/18-ounce plastic cups. To enjoy your beverage, you just lift The Go Plate off.

GoPlate Can

GoPlate Glass

GoPlate Cup