The Foot Hammock, A Brilliant Device Designed to Allow People to Comfortably Rest Their Feet Underneath a Desk

The Foot Hammock is a brilliant device designed to let a person comfortably rest their feet underneath a desk. The device comes in three varieties: a mesh version that allows the feet to breathe while they are suspended, a fleece version that keeps the feet warm, and there is even a version that includes an adjustable electric heater.

The creators of the Foot Hammock are waiting for approval from Kickstarter before launching their crowdfunding campaign.

The Foot Hammock is an under-the-desk hammock for your feet that allows for an adjustable, comfortable, heated, and convenient foot rest that works under any desk. We are gearing up for our Kickstarter. Early backers get their pre-order at a discount, so hurry! Go to to signup for email updates.






photos via The Foot Hammock

via Time

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