The Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother Art Opening On Treasure Island

serpent mother

The Flaming Lotus Girls’ amazing fire sculpture the Serpent Mother, a beautiful 168′ skeletal stainless steel snake will be on display this weekend on San Francisco’s Treasure Island. On Friday, March 6th it will be featured at the Opulent Temple Massive fundraiser for Burning Man 2009 and on Saturday, March 7th there will be special Serpent Mother art exhibition from 7pm to midnight.

There has never been a sculpture like the Serpent Mother. The warmth of her embrace and her coiling design create an atmospheric space in which over a thousand people can stand. Her 168′ long stainless steel spine coils around the massive space, while her 20′ long neck and head tower over her audience.

The audience takes control, however, by directing her movement, raising her hydraulically- actuated neck and opening her fanged mouth. Full audience participation makes each installation a singular experience – come make it happen.

Jason Chinn made a great timelapse of FLG setting up the Serpent Mother.

photo by John Curley