The Field Guide to Famous Felines by Pop Chart Lab, An Illustrated Chart Featuring 79 Celebrity Cats

The Field Guide to Famous Felines

Pop Chart Lab has created “The Field Guide to Famous Felines”, an illustrated chart featuring “79 celebrity cats from books, TV, movies, cartoons, comics, and the internet”.

Whether they’re musical (The Aristocats, Keyboard Cat, MC Skat Kat), mighty (Lion-O, Battle Cat) or just hate Mondays and love lasagna (Garfield), this maximalist menagerie of mice-haters has something for the cat lover in all of us. How many can you name? See scoring below:

0-20: Helpless Kitten
21-40: Harvard Claw School Graduate
41-60: Not Judging But We’re Guessing You Own at Least Three Real-Life Cats
61-79: Purr-fessor Meowsington K. Cuddlebelly, Paw.h.D